Stone cobbles are hand chiseled natural stones which are environmentally sound, recyclable, non-slip, everlasting and require almost no maintenance. The size of cobbles lie between a boulder and a pebble. They can be put to innumerable uses and are generally used for pavements, outhouses and pool sides.

Cobbles are widely used for decorative purposes due to its natural beauty. They can be mixed with flagstones and stepping stones as border detail or divisions between pave areas for a great decorative effect.

Cobbles Laying Patterns

Random Work: The cobbles are more or less packed together and are laid randomly. It is the lowest grade work.

Flat Parallel Work: Cobbles are laid in rough lines but since they are of different sizes and shapes they can deviate form true lines.

Coursed Work: Cobbles are sorted into similar sizes and then laid in straight lines that are either longitudinal or transverse. It is the highest grade work.