Yessss…….the most sensitive issue is strong seaworthy packing…..we really believe in a proverb “All’s well that ends well”, no doubt about it, we never ever tried to save cost on wood and other necessary packaging materials.

We consider that the quality of the packaging is as important as the quality & punctuality of the cargo.
Our experienced Quality Control Inspectors/Block Markers reviews every single piece of tile or slab or block before the packaging starts off.

Tiles Carting

Tiles are pack in Separate boxes and crates, and further packed to keep safe your products from any hassle or breakage, all size required different type of packings and we take care of it.

Carted Cargo

We load products in an organized manner in containers to carry them from our premises to the clients destination

Thermacol Base

We use good quality Thermacol Base around the products, so that your goods reaches you without any scratches.

Polythene Wrapped

Tiles or Slabs are packaged in separate polythene wrappers to reduce and/or avoid scratching of Tiles or Slabs